According  to popular opinion (and a lot of social media), I’m an artist and a designer. That is true. But I’m more and that’s what this site is about… my “more-ness.” See, I also work as a healer, a bodyworker, a massage therapist, a writer, a musician and a teacher. That part of life is really important to me  It’s also pretty important to clients, students and maybe even to you.

It gets a bit confusing when I try to explain my many jobs on my other site, where I sell art ( So… thus this EnergyToHelp page… where I can talk about healing arts, meditation, classes and more.

I’ve studied alternative therapies most of my life. I’ve been meditating for over 40 years. AND I have a gift to teach and write. I’ve studied lots of styles of bodywork, meditation, energy healing, working with voice and sound. My blog might be helpful or at least moderately amusing sometimes. Current class offerings include classes that are on the calendar and classes which are available to be scheduled for you and your group. It’s good of you to stop by.